Thursday, August 2, 2012

Spiritual "Pruning"

 Pruning trees all day... there's quite a parallel between pruning trees, and how God deals with us. :)

 We're like the tree, and whenever God clips off a thorn or dead branch, it hurts; but the thorns and dead doesn't bring glory to God.

 Our thorns hurt others, they poke and scratch.  God in mercy to us and to others, clips them off.
 The dead branches are like faults, and if God left them they would eventually kill the whole ''tree''. 
 Where there isn't any life, He removes it to make room for the ''branches'' or virtues He wants for us. :) 

 So, here I sit with bandaids all over my hands from stubborn trees not wanting to be pruned; wondering how much have I ''cut'' and ''scratched'' God because I didn't want to be 'pruned'? 

 I hope to be a willing ''tree'' and let God ''prune'' away at me, knowing that He knows best, and will take away only what shouldn't be there, and will leave the things He wants. :) 

 And the pruning process today, I see; maybe we have things in our lives, that we see them as ''virtues'' or a ''thrifty branch'', but if it's in the wrong place; it has to come out.  
 Maybe to be grafted in somewhere else, or to be taken away, because it's in the way of the work God has for us. 

 Sorry. I'm forever getting some goofy lesson out of everyday things. 
 At least I learned something by it, even if it was strange. ;)

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In the service of my Father

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