Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christians Letting God Down?

 Does it bother anyone, how we as Christians, have become so removed from Christian principals that we, now, are worse then the heathens were in the Dark ages?   

 Why have we allowed this to happen? why have we lost interest in Christianity? 

 When we lost interest, and quit caring, that's when everything stared to be a mess.

 Everyone says "in this day and age" as if everything is different now, with technology and all. 

 We're no different then they were in the dark ages! but we've come up with an excuse for our delinquency.  

 What a shame! What are we going to tell God on judgement day? how do we give Him an excuse for what we've done?  We know the ones we use now aren't going to wash.... what are we going to do? 

 It's our fault, and nobody else's... are we going to fix the problem we have created? or just let it get worse, and tell God "well, with all this technology, things are different, and nobody will listen..."

 Technology is a wonderful tool, if we'll just use it. If we would get past our laziness, and do something for the Kingdom of God! 

 I'm going to tell God "I used the tools you gave me, and I spoke up for you when no one else would. I told people about you, even when they didn't want to hear. I stood for the right, and Your Will even in the face of adversity."

 How many of us can say that now? If Christ returned today, how many of us could say that? or would we have to say "I didn't think you would come yet, and I'm not ready; I haven't done anything for you" 

 I'm ashamed to say the latter would have to be my answer if He came today.

Posted on Google+ June 3rd 2012

 In the service of my Father

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