Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bearing The Burdens Of Others

Lately I've been learning that ''the man who wants me, is the man I want'' (~ Elizabeth Prentiss) 

 So, I've been trying to help other people bear their burdens, rather than dwell on my own.
 It's amazing how fulfilling that is, and how easily you can forget your own troubles, when helping others. :) 

 Also, I've been learning, that God answers prayers in unexpected ways.

 Several times I have asked God for something specific, and He has answered my prayers.  But always in a different way then I had asked. But it's infinitely better then I could have hoped or imagined! :) 

 God is SO good to those who love Him! :)

 Posted on Google+  March 27th 2012

In the service of my Father

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