Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's Ahead?

 We as girls often wonder what the future holds, and, perhaps a slight bit silly... what our husbands will be like.
 Well, let me tell you, he'll be exactly what you take the time to pray for.   No way around that.

 This is a list of things I pray daily for whoever might one day be my husband; the more I prayed it for him, the more I came to realize all guys need someone praying these things for them, so I've begun to pray it daily for many of the young men I know.

 1) Blessing on any Kingdom work he is engaged in.
 2) Blessing on his work/job, that God would bless the work of his hands, and help him to enjoy the employment he find for the day.
 3) Provision for land/a place of his own that is conducive to the work God has called him to do.
 4) Wisdom in how to order his ways to honor God in all areas of life.
 5) Knowledge of how to please God, and do the work he is called to.
 6) Understanding of God's word, and it's application to all areas of life.
 7) Discretion in all things.
 8) Discernment between right and wrong - God's way and man's way.
 9) Peace in the midst of everything he is facing in his life, in his walk with the Lord.
 10) Contentment with where God has him, and what He has him doing.
 11) Humility, because no matter how low our self esteem, that's still something we all struggle with.
 12) Grace to do what God has called him to.
 13) Strength to do what is right, stand on God's word, and be the leader God intended for him to be.
 14) Courage to stand on God's word.
 15) Confidence in God's word and the calling God has placed on him.
 16) Boldness to speak the truth, and confront evil.
 17) Honesty when it would be easier to be deceptive in any given thing.
 18) Sobriety, to take God and His word seriously.
 19) Honor as a man of God.
 20) Integrity in a world where it is greatly lacking.
 21) Liberty to serve God, and lead/care for His family.
 22) Security. Not necessarily the kind we normally think of in regards to worldly things, but security in  the way God is leading him in.
 23) Love as is defined in 1 Corinthians 13.
 24) Joy even in the midst of trials and hardships.
 25) Patience in whatever trials, disagreements, etc, God has him in.
 26) Gentleness with God's creatures, and those He places in his care.
 27) Goodness to all, as human tendency is toward being bad.
 28) Kindness to all he has contact with.
 29) Mercy where it is right to be merciful.
 30) Truth, because at times it's easier to tell or believe a lie, than the truth.
 31) Much favor and good understanding in the sight of God and man. (Proverbs 3)
 32) Longsuffering.
 33) Meekness (which doesn't exactly mean what we've always assumed it did)
 34) Temperance.
 35) Faith in God and His word.

 And at the end of the list, (even when I was only praying it for my future husband) that I would be the friend and sister he/they need at this time in his/their life, and prepare me to be the friend/sister/wife they/he needs in the future.

 This is a list of things all men need, and not just for the future, but for here and now.   Who is praying for them if we aren't?   How many young men aren't being covered with the prayers of their future wife, but desperately need those prayers?   What harm could it do for you to pray for the young men you know?  Cover them with prayer as well.

 Can you think of anything that should be added to the list?


  1. Ahhhh, good stuff in there Hallie. :) I pray for my husband every day/night/throughout the day :P as well as for some of the younger guys I know, but there's a lot on there I can add to my prayers. Thanks for posting. :)