Friday, September 28, 2012

About Me

 Alright, I got tired of this long rambling thing in my profile introduction box. So, here it is being moved. :)

 My favorite thing right now is reading the History of William Wallace, Andrew Murray (Wallace's companion) and Robert Bruce. :)  
  I Would absolutely love to get into movie making.  
  Music is one of my favorite things. :)  If you come to our house there is ALWAYS music going, most always Hymns, and classical. :D
 I love to make things, such as crochet doll dresses out of size 30 - 60 thread, and sometimes sewing thread.  Doilies, pot holders and slippers are never in short supply here either. :) 
 I've tried quilting, and found that very fun. :)  I also have a lot of dresses I need to make, and so far have done a few. :) 
 I want to do anything I can to further the Kingdom of God, and bring Glory to His name!
 The Kingdom of God being this: The Heavenly government. 
  Where God is King, and we are His loyal subjects; not as slaves, but as loving sons, and daughters dwelling in the glory of their Fathers court. :) 
 Trying to further the Kingdom, to me is laying up treasure in Heaven; that treasure being human souls. :) 
 When Christ died on the cross, it was to bring us into God's presence; not as the filthy sinners coming to our sentencing, by the Only true, Just and Holy Judge, because of our sins of breaking His commandments, and rebelling against the only True King of the universe; (which universe, by the way means One Spoken Word)   But as redeemed Sons and Daughters of God, entering our Fathers court, to sit in His presence, and be heirs to the Glory of God!
 Jesus dying on the Cross means, to me, that we are precious to Him; that He loves us SO much, that He was willing to leave that Glory of God the Father, which He was SOLE heir to; to come to this filthy earth and die so we could share that Glory with Him; that we had despised, and rejected, and now cannot buy back without Him. 
 He looked Beyond my fault, and saw my need!
 He looked through the filth, and the rags, and saw my soul... your soul, and said ''I love her, I love him: I'm willing to pay the price they owe, so they can spend eternity with Me''  Can you imagine!?
 The price He paid for us, was more than we are worth! 
 The death we deserved, was taken up by Him, and now we are not only accepted into the Kingdom, but it Belongs to us!!!! :D 
 How could we grudge God one single prayer, one single word of gratitude? Insufficient as it is.
 We should be willingly praising Him day and night, for what He has done for us! 
 After all that, how can we look at any one person, and say they're gross, dirty, or strange; and turn our backs on them? 
 God loved me, and claimed me, when I was forsaken by all, when I deserved death: now how can I do other than praise Him and follow His example? 
 Every person is precious to God, they are precious to me. :)
 I try to always be honorable, and truthful.
 Being Virtuous is one of my goals. :) 
  And by virtuous, I mean to be like Christ: loving, kind, gentle, caring, forgiving,; one in spirit with God, and with His people. :)
 Other than that, I love to play piano, penny whistle, violin and organ. Maybe one day I'll get to play a bagpipe! :D  
 Music that I would call "epic" is cello, and a combination of bagpipe, bodhran and penny whistle. :)
 I love my ''mountains'' (Black Hills of South Dakota) and would like to someday see the Highlands of Scotland! :) 
 Aside from all that I'm just your common, ordinary nut. ;) 

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