Monday, July 22, 2013

Media Cleanse

 A friend, is hosting this Media Cleanse, which would be good for all of us to take part in. 
 I would explain it here, but Shelby did such a good job of it over on her blog, that we'll let her "tell" you what it's about. :) 

 "For the month of August, we're going to make "a covenant with our eyes" to avoid any books and turn off any show/movie/song/website that portrays the breaking of God's Law as acceptable and/or funny. {The only exception will be the times when we are actively analyzing the media through a Biblical lens.}"

 "Here's an idea of what that covenant will look like for us:

By God's grace, during this "cleanse" I will not be passively entertained by any media that portrays the following as acceptable or pleasantly humorous:
  • Idolatry
  • Blasphemy {the taking of God's name in vain or the light regard of God's name in phrases like: "oh my g--" and the like}
  • Dishonouring parents
  • Murder / hatred / lawless revenge
  • Theft / piracy / cheating
  • Lust / fornication / adultery / sodomy
  • Dishonesty / deceiving legitimate authorities
  • Covetousness / discontentment with godly institutions and standards
 In the event that the media I'm consuming takes a sinful turn, I will either take the time to honestly analyse and judge the message from a Biblical worldview OR I will turn my eyes away from beholding "vanity fair" and choose instead to invest my time in drawing nigh unto the Lord in study/prayer or to worship Him by engaging in Kingdom-advancing service." 

   Hope you all will join in and strive to better serve our Creator, and further His Kingdom through the way we spend our time. :) 
  To read the whole thing, please go visit Shelby's blog here:

                 For the glory of God alone. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Dreams And Reality

 The other night I had a dream... in this dream, I got married. 
 Normally when I dream about getting married, it's usually some random guy I know, and I wake up totally freaked out.  Honestly. Those dreams scare me. :P 

 This one didn't scare me.... I woke up thinking "that was the typical mashed up nonsense..." then as I remembered details from the dream, I started getting excited.  This was no ordinary dream.  

 Here is the dream.... 
 A young man whom I have never met in person, came to visit. I knew him previously, but had never met him. 
 We knew he was coming, but not when.  
 One day he showed up, and instantly hit it off with my Dad and brother.  They worked a lot together, and got to be very close friends. 

 There was a girl in the dream, who was very scantily clad, and was one of those flighty, trashy sort.  This girl was always trying to get me to be like her. 
 She was always saying things like "live for the moment" "who cares about the future, it's not like you're waiting for anything special" 
 This girl was a "strange woman" by the Proverbs definition.  But, she was a friend from childhood, so we let her stay at our house. 
 The young man didn't like when that girl was around, but tried to be polite to her at least. 
 It became evident that this young man had the intent to marry me.  (awkward, I know; that's what typically freaks me out about these sort of dreams :P)

 One day when we got up to start the day, he was gone.  No warning. Just gone. 
 He never said he had any intention of leaving, never said goodbye. Just, left. 

 We were all very sad that he left. It hurt that he left. Especially since he didn't even say goodbye. 

 But! Here's the good part... He left a letter!!! :D  
 This letter was addressed to me, and explained it all. 

 It started out "I have gone to prepare a place for my future bride, when that place is ready, I'll return for her. Until I return, here is a list of things I love about her, and want her to always be. Also a list of things that distress me.  I see she has influences about her (speaking of that girl staying with us) which may mar her character. Things which will cause much damage if once she accepts them."

 Then he went on about the things he wanted me to improve on... things he wanted me to learn, and do. 

 It was a very lengthy letter. At the very end it said "I will come back for you, I can't say when. But I wish my bride to be ready when I return."

 I was very excited about it.  Reading the letter every day, making sure I was matching the list. Making sure that I was ready, because there's no telling when he will come back. 

 This girl, every day, made fun of my excitement. She tried to make me doubt that he would ever come. Always trying to make him out to be a liar.  Always comparing him to the trashy men she hung around with, and twisting what he said to sound like them.  Mocking me when I said I knew him to be other than that from  what he said in his letter; saying that it was one letter, written some time ago. "It's not like you talk regularly. He doesn't even write you new letters!" 

 It was very hard to keep believing in him... but every time I read the letter, the excitement returned, and I kept on trying to accomplish his list. 

 This girl kept saying "You know, if he really loves you, it won't matter if you match that old list anyway. You're just trying to be 'good enough' for him, when he already said he loves you. If he really meant it, then you have nothing to worry about." And then turning right around and saying things like - "You messed up today. You didn't match the list today. He's not going to want you now, why even try?" 

 I always vehemently disagreed with her; saying he was honest, truthful, loving, forgiving, patient, kind, merciful.  Always quick to defend him. 

 The dream ended with him coming back, and finding me ready!  When I woke up, it was understood that there was going to be a wedding soon. 

 Normally when I wake up from dreaming about my wedding, I'm freaked out. :P It's very awkward for me.  
 But this dream, I woke up thinking - wow. That certainly wasn't an ordinary dream.  Actually, I wouldn't mind if it had been reality.... wait a minute.... 

Think about it... doesn't that dream sound familiar?  

 It IS reality!  I have that letter!!  

 Seriously! I do have that letter!  He did come for me. He did leave that list. He did promise to come back for me.  What am I doing to be ready for when He comes? 

 The difference here is that, the letter has a title.   The Holy Bible.  

 God Himself is coming for me! The world is trying to say He won't come, or that He's lying, or not really what He says He is.    Am I defending Him, like I did the young man in my dream?  Am I preparing for the day He returns, like I was for the young man in the dream? 
 When He comes, will He find me ready, as the young man in the dream did? 

 Am I treasuring His letter as I did the letter in my dream? 

 Okay, so it was just a dream. But that dream woke me up more fully to reality. 

 Honestly, I wouldn't mind if that happened in "real life", but since it is already reality, what am I doing about it? 

 Here's the challenge.  You have the letter too.  What are you doing with it?  What are you doing right now to prepare for that day? Will He find you ready? 

 Matthew 24:36
 But of that day and hour knoweth no mannonot the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

                Busily waiting...

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Girl Power

 Yes, you read that right. No, I'm not going feminist.

 We girls are powerful.  Very powerful.  We need to be aware of that, and use our power wisely.

 We have the power to heal, but also to hurt.
 We have the power to lift up, but also to tear down.
 We have the power to build, but also to crush to powder.

First is the power of looks.
 Guys are ruled by sight a whole more than they like to admit. It's perfectly natural, but it can cause major problems and is something we need to take into consideration.
 Even the most principled men are effected by it.
 When we show too much skin, or wear tight fitting clothes, which leaves little to the imagination, they have trouble keeping their minds pure.  We cause them to stumble,  and sin in their hearts when we are careless in the way we dress.

 I talked to a guy once, and was very shocked to hear him say that girls have a natural beauty that should be shared. Girls should wear the form fitting clothes, so that the beauty of their curves can be seen, and admired.   He fell in immorality.  Is it any wonder?

 It is our duty to cover those things. We should never give occasion for any man to be able to let his mind wander after glancing at us.
 Sure, girls have a fine form (some do at least) and it was meant to be seen; but only by the man God has planned for each of us.  Until the right guy comes along, it is to be kept hidden.
 Think of a lady's form as a treasure meant for a specific man. If the treasure is out in the open for anyone to see, there won't be much left of it, or it won't be as special to the man it was meant for.
 If it is hidden, it is worth far more, because he will be the first to see it, and it's all his.

 A hidden treasure will be valued higher than a used one.

 Scantily clad women cause many men to fall. Whereas modestly dressed women are an encouragement to the men around them

 When we aren't careful in our dress, the poor guys that try so hard to keep their minds pure, have nowhere to look. We ought to always be considerate of them, and always be dressed in such a way that they have a safe place to look, and not have to worry about getting an eye full.

Secondly, we have power with our words.
 So many men complain that women are always nagging, and putting them down.  And it's true.
 We as women do not support the men in our lives with encouraging words. We don't carefully select each word so as to be edifying at all times.

 Now, before you think that I'm saying we can't point out when something is wrong, that's not it at all.
 We are duty bound to point out wrong when we see it.  But it's also our duty to point out wrong without making them out to be stupid, or any less intelligent because they did something wrong.

 There is never any place for nagging.  A timely warning, or admonition is one thing. Nagging constantly is another.
 We can encourage while "correcting" by simply stating the dangers we see in the paths they have chosen, and kindly suggest what we see to be a better way.  Never putting them down, and making them feel less than who they are in Christ.

 We should always be honest with the men in our lives, never deceiving them.   Not saying one thing when we mean another, just to avoid offending them. That's going in an extreme the other way. (which I am guilty of)

Thirdly, we have power in how we act.
 If we say one thing, and do another, we aren't truly loving those around us. We aren't being edifying, or helpful in any way.

 So many women can sure talk about modesty, and purity; but when you observe them, they aren't modest... maybe they are in the way they dress, sure; but they aren't modest in how they act. They can talk about keeping themselves pure, but then don't.
 Not only are we to avoid being like that, but we need to avoid keeping company with those like that.

 In Proverbs 5:8-9 it says "Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house:
Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel:" 
 That wasn't meant for men only.  Girls who hang around strange women, are influenced by them, and become like them.  I know. I've been around them before, and try as I might, certain of their ways rubbed off on me.   It's very unnerving to come home from visiting someone like that, and after trying to help them not to be like that, and have your brother comment "you're just like her when you do that" - it's very sobering, and a bit scary. 

 In conclusion.  We women have much power. Are we using it wisely?  Are we building up, and edifying the men in our lives... and not just the men, but the other women around us? Or are we tearing them down, without even realizing it? 

 We as women have the power to raise up a godly nation, or to tear it down and leave it in oblivion. 

 Sure, of guys and girls, we are the weaker vessel. But the men are largely swayed by how we conduct ourselves.   How will we come out on judgement day? 
 Yes, the men are the leaders, and they make their own choices... but we have a huge influence on them.
 The way they lead, and make choices is greatly effected by our influence. 

 Let us use our power for good and right. 
 Let us be in Gods word, seeking out His ways, and acting accordingly.   

 We have the Proverbs 31 woman as our example. Are we going to truly follow in her steps? or just do her lip service while being, in reality, strange women which the Bible warns against?

 The fate of a nation rests on the choices we make.  What will they be? 

 Hebrews 12:1-3
Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,
Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.
For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

          Seeking Him

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dear Brothers...

 Seeing how some of you guys have written what you look for in a girl, and thanking girls for their modesty, and consideration of you.  Now I wish to do the same for you guys in this post. 

 I know it seems every girl wants a handsome guy, with huge muscles. "Tall, dark and handsome" has been "the perfect guy" for as long as I can remember.  But *NEWS FLASH* girls are silly. 

 Really, it doesn't matter to most of us what your hair color, height or build is.  If those things do matter a great deal to a girl, she's one of the flighty sort. Real women don't care so much about those things. 
 I personally find it annoying when guys are more interested in being "ripped" than what work they are doing for the Kingdom. 

 What we girls really want in a guy is someone who really loves God with everything in him. Someone who loves God above even her.  Because a man that loves God, and is actively serving Him will treat her with love and respect, because she is a daughter of the King he serves. 
 A man who is actively seeking God's face, and doing His Kingdom work.  A man who is really trying to reform the culture, not just talking about it. 
 A man who loves children enough to invest time in teaching them, and when able letting them work along side of him in the Kingdom work. 

 And guys, just so you know. We notice the way you treat your mother and sisters. If you act as if your real sisters are silly, and not worth spending much time with, or you don't respect them as ladies; you won't treat us, your sisters in Christ, and (one of us,) your future wife any better. 
 If you don't respect your mother, or listen to her counsel; you won't respect one of us, your future wife, or heed what we say when we see harm coming your way. 

 Also, I've seen many times, where guys have said things about girls talking too much. We do, far too much. I admit. (I'm probably the worst in that department) But we also love to hear you guys talk. We love to just listen to you, when you're joking, or talking about things we don't always understand (such as mechanics) but most of all when you are talking about Kingdom work, and how to do it.  There's nothing more edifying (in my opinion at least) than hearing you guys talking about the work of the Kingdom, and your dreams for the future that revolve around it. 

 Let me tell you right now. It speaks volumes when you treat us like ladies. When you go out of your way to guard our hearts.  As you know, guys run on logic (mostly), girls run on emotions (mostly); it's very hard to keep those emotions in check. And in a culture where girls hearts are trampled so much, and treated like trash, and not worth guarding... it's very refreshing to see guys who really care about that, and will be careful of it. 
 So many guys anymore try to win a girls heart, then once he has it, he abuses it.  Please, don't ever be like that.  Girls need protectors, and we are ever so grateful when you are mindful of that, and stand up like a man in our defense. 

 While many have the idea that all women want is a man's time and money; that's not the case. 
 We want a man we can work along side of, and be his helpmeet. We want a man we can fully back in his work, and that we can support.  If you lack integrity, and the back bone to make a stand for right; you can't expect to find a girl that would come along side and support you.  We want a man that is striving to be like Christ, and that we can walk along side of on his journey to godliness. 

 So many men these days talk about how silly, fickle, and draining women are. Men who make crass jokes about us, and talk about us as tho' we are all the feminist kind.  
 We want men who notice the fact that some of us do try, and are going against the mainstream feminist movement. 

 As far as modesty... I contend that always flaunting your muscles, and going shirtless is just as immodest, and disgusting as a girl running around in a miniskirt and tight strapless top.  
 Just like a girl is to hide things from the neck down so as not to cause any one of you to stumble; men need to hide things from the neck down for the same reason. 

 In the circles I've grown up in, the standard for modesty has been, nothing above the knee, or more than a hand-breadth below the collar bone is to be left bare. 
 So it should be for guys. 
 Just as it causes your minds to go in wrong places when you see a scantily clad woman; it causes our minds to go wrong places when we see shirtless men.   
 I know in the summer it gets hot, and it may be much cooler to work without a shirt. But consider the girls who are trying to keep themselves pure for the one man God intended for them, driving through town, or doing the weekly shopping, and everywhere they turn, there are half naked men walking around.  It is very difficult as it is, to resist the pressures from other girls who aren't careful with their dress; it just makes it harder when men aren't fully dressed when ladies are present. 

 And please understand, it's not your looks that we care about.  Just like not all girls are pretty; not all guys are handsome. It's how we were made, and is nothing to be ashamed of.   
 If only pretty girls got married, or only handsome guys got married... the worlds population would be much smaller. ;)
 When the heart is right, looks make no difference.  Honestly, I know a lot of handsome guys, but the handsome only goes skin deep. Beyond that, they aren't anything special. 
 I also know a lot of guys that couldn't be classed as handsome, but when you get to know their heart, they look better.  Honest. 
 What's in the heart shows on the face.  
 If your heart is right. If you are striving to be like Christ, your looks make no difference.   The most handsome guys I know rarely get a second glance from the typical girl, because they are handsome inside. 

 Please, dear brothers. Stay strong in the Lord.  I know there is much trash in today's culture. There are so few real men, that it makes it harder for the few of you left to make a stand. But never give up!  You have a host of sisters who are ready and willing to support you in the right, if you'll only stand up and fight. 
 We girls so appreciate it when you make an effort in this age of laziness. We're ready to back you, and encourage you in the fight. 

  1 Timothy 6:12
 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

 Joshua 1:9
 Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

 Thank you for making a stand, striving to be like Christ, and being considerate of us girls. :) 

               Your grateful sister in Christ,