Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 Still haven't named this, but will stick it here so it's easier to find back later.

 The first few words were running through my head, and as I began to write, the rest came to mind.  I'm not so good at putting thoughts and feelings into words, but this is about as close as I'll get.

The patter of little feet,
The touch of a little hand.
Child so small and sweet,
Formed by God's own hand.

Oh tiny babe with features fine,
Made with masterful design-
Planned and formed by God divine
How I wish that you were mine!

Where is this little child
Sent by God above?
Special treasure, manner mild-
Murdered, rejected, without love!

Who has done this?!
A helpless child killed!
Little face ne're knowing a kiss-
Innocent blood is spilled.

Tiny babe so cruelly scorned!
Priceless blessing, without a name;
Brutally taken - by no one mourned?
Sacrificed - for selfishness and fame. 

Innocent, lovely creature
Butchered, loved by none!
Cruel men have marred each feature- 
Would no one shield this little one? 

Not a cry was heard 
As this little life was ended.
Could no one spare a word? 
This child was undefended!

Precious child of clay,
The work of God's almighty hand:
Who ne're has seen the light of day-
Has now entered the promised land.

Lifeless hands, and lifeless feet-
Who could this deed have done?!
Oh what comfort, oh how sweet
To know you're cradled by God's Son!

How sweet to know those little feet
And tiny little hands,
Now run on golden streets
And are held by God's own hand!


  1. Oh, Hallie... This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for writing this, and sharing it. These words need to reach the eyes and hearts of millions of people.