Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Soldiers In The Battle

 In light of my last post, I thought it appropriate to give the background behind it, and in doing so it will explain several previous posts.

 Back in September of 2006, we were at some friends house taking part in their annual WWII reenactment.  We girls would send letters to the guys on the "battle field"(I believe that was the first year it was a two day event).

 That first day we wrote our letters, and Mr. D came to pick up our letters to the guys.   Most of the girls hadn't finished theirs yet, and I had, so I was wandering around looking for something to do when it suddenly came to mind "Your guy is out on the battle field today. You need to be praying for him."
 At first I thought "Ew, I don't like any of those guys as anything other than brothers, certainly I'm not going to marry one of them!"  After that I pushed it out of my head, because it was weird.

 Ever since that thought has haunted me.  It comes up at random times, and makes me think.   I know now it wasn't in reference to any of those guys that were there that day. (luckily for them *goofy grin*)
 But that random thought is so very true. True in the sense that our guys are on the "battle field" daily. They're on real battle fields.   As I've said in previous posts, the guys fight hard inner battles, and sometimes not just inner battles; those battles are very real in many ways, not only on the inside, but outside as well.

 That thought I had has haunted me all these years... I've often wondered why God put it in my mind in that way, but am beginning to see that it's probably because I'm such a warrior, and very interested in that sort of thing, so that's a way that would grab my attention most effectively. *wry smile*

 But just what does it mean? Why has that haunted me for so long when it's seemingly such a simple concept?
 I've pondered it a lot these eight years, and each time different aspects become more clear, but overall it's something I think we girls largely miss in our preoccupation with other things.

 It's been a while since I got off on this kick... but, reading about William Wallace I got into those battles... when I read a book, I become one of the characters in the story, be it history or fiction, I become a part of it. I think that has helped me to understand better what that random thought of mine means.
 Reading about Wallace, the battles those guys fought were tough, against overwhelming odds. At one point there were two hundred Scots going against two thousand English - but here's the kicker, the Scots had to climb a castle wall, jump down on the enemy, and rescue the Scottish captives inside the prison - in the dark. After hiking for miles, on foot, all the day before, and not getting much sleep before the attack.
 With those odds it was impossible for them to win.  But, there were women at home who were praying for their little army night and day.
 Guess what? They won that battle.

 There were many more battles like that with overwhelming odds - each time the Scots should have been whipped out. But there were women back home praying for them... and they won.

 Girls, our guys - not just husbands, but brothers, friends - are fighting real battles, and the only thing that will get them safely through those battles is God, and how often we just assume that He's helping them (which He is, don't get me wrong) but we aren't covering them in prayer as we ought.

 That thought has haunted me, because for years, I didn't realize the importance of prayer in the lives of our men.  When we neglect to pray for them, we are in essence, leaving them in the battle, against overwhelming odds - alone.
 Sure, men have single handedly won battles in the past... but they never (to my knowledge) came out without major wounds, that didn't have to be - if only they had had help.

 So yes, that thought haunts me... because I see many battle weary soldiers dying on the field, for lack of help - prayer. And it's my fault. It's your fault. Because we aren't (as a whole) covering them in prayer as we ought.

 It's been eight years of that thought haunting me, and the study that I've done because of it, that has resulted in the list I put in the last post.
 Those are essential things every man - every Christian - needs in order to win the battles the Almighty Captain has placed them in.

 Everyone, man or woman, needs those things to be effective in the individual battles that make up this Great Cause we are fighting for.
 Those things are the armor and weapons needed to fight the battles and win - and each battle won gets us closer to the Ultimate Victory in this Great Cause for our Almighty Captain.

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