Tuesday, February 9, 2016

About Me (revised)

 So, the "about me" post is extremely outdated.
 Here's an attempt at bringing y'all up to speed. :)

 My life has changed drastically in the last year/year and a half.   Literally, nothing is the same.

 Currently I live with my grandmother, attempting to help her... but she's so active she helps me more than I help her. ;P  
 Living with her has been an experience. She's such a character, and full of fun stories of family history, and the towns we live in/near. She thinks she has nothing to offer since she's gotten older, but I'm constantly learning something from her.  She's been such a blessing.

 Since moving here I've been working in the local nursing home. The policy is not to talk about any of the residents, which is good, because each one of them is a book to themselves. ;)   I love working with them, and getting to visit with them.  Old people are a riot. :)

 Living in Iowa is very different from living in the Black Hills. It's very flat..... what people call "hills" here, are really only bunny humps. :P   I very much, miss my hills.

 In the last year I've been very blessed to have visited Alabama three times, and absolutely love it there!!!!  (There's HILLS!!!)  The people are the bestest. :D  Lord willing I'll move there one day.   (so you 'Bama people - brace yourselves)

 Good gracious. There is SO much to "update" y'all on, there's no way I'll ever get it all in one post.

 The main jist, I guess, is that God is steadily showing me how His kingdom extends to all areas of life, and how I can bring glory to Him, even in the mundane, everyday, nose-to-the-grindstone, living.

 So. the current "about me" is that I'm just a stubborn, thickheaded girl, learning to serve God in whatever situation I find myself in, and how to incorporate the future work I'm to do in my regular daily duties, right now.
 That may be simple and easy for all of you, but I'm too doggone stubborn to learn it all the first time around. (And yes, this is the bazillionth time I've gone around this bush :P)

 I'm not officially back to blogging, but do hope to post an occasional thought once in a while. (and believe me, there's a lot of them, if once I get them pinned down ;P)

         That's it for now.


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