Monday, July 22, 2013

Media Cleanse

 A friend, is hosting this Media Cleanse, which would be good for all of us to take part in. 
 I would explain it here, but Shelby did such a good job of it over on her blog, that we'll let her "tell" you what it's about. :) 

 "For the month of August, we're going to make "a covenant with our eyes" to avoid any books and turn off any show/movie/song/website that portrays the breaking of God's Law as acceptable and/or funny. {The only exception will be the times when we are actively analyzing the media through a Biblical lens.}"

 "Here's an idea of what that covenant will look like for us:

By God's grace, during this "cleanse" I will not be passively entertained by any media that portrays the following as acceptable or pleasantly humorous:
  • Idolatry
  • Blasphemy {the taking of God's name in vain or the light regard of God's name in phrases like: "oh my g--" and the like}
  • Dishonouring parents
  • Murder / hatred / lawless revenge
  • Theft / piracy / cheating
  • Lust / fornication / adultery / sodomy
  • Dishonesty / deceiving legitimate authorities
  • Covetousness / discontentment with godly institutions and standards
 In the event that the media I'm consuming takes a sinful turn, I will either take the time to honestly analyse and judge the message from a Biblical worldview OR I will turn my eyes away from beholding "vanity fair" and choose instead to invest my time in drawing nigh unto the Lord in study/prayer or to worship Him by engaging in Kingdom-advancing service." 

   Hope you all will join in and strive to better serve our Creator, and further His Kingdom through the way we spend our time. :) 
  To read the whole thing, please go visit Shelby's blog here:

                 For the glory of God alone. 

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