Thursday, August 2, 2012

Defining The Kingdom Of God

 The Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of Heaven are indeed one and the same; the Kingdom of Heaven being the Spiritual aspect of the Kingdom.

 But once we are saved and brought into the Kingdom, we live in the World, but are no longer of the world.
  Our souls become ''inhabitants'' of the heavenly Kingdom by being ever on the wing in prayer, and in constant communion with Christ. 

 In serving Christ with everything in us; giving Him our all, without reserve, and becoming His bond servants, we are His subjects, and He our King. 
 We serve no other.
 Our allegiance is to Him alone; nothing can make us stray from His standard; His will in our lives.  

In striving to be ever closer to Him, we become one in Spirit with Him as Jesus prayed for us in the Gospel of John. 

 We should be inhabitants of the Heavenly Kingdom, in Spirit, all of our Christian lives; not waiting for eternity to be in His presence, but daily living in His presence, and seeking His heart. 
 To be dearest friends with our Creator, our Benefactor, our Brother.
 To be inseparable with Him, not allowing anything to come between us and our God.

 Then, when we enter eternity, it should not be us quailing before the penetrating look of the Judge of the universe; but the joyful meeting between dearest friends, and brothers, after our short journey on earth ends. 

 Rather than serving Christ out of fear, or a sense of duty, as others so blindly do; ours would be the part of serving Him with joy, out of the purest love, and highest esteem for our Beloved Saviour. 

 Isn't this what the Kingdom should mean to us?  Isn't this a way in which we can be inhabitants of Heavenly Realms, before leaving this earth?

 Shouldn't we, in fact, look to death, not as the dark valley through which we must pass before entering the Glory of His presence; but as the door through which we pass to bring us into the presence of the Father, as we walk along side His Son? 

 Alright, so that was rather long, but that's my sentiments on the matter. And this matter has become one of great importance to me of late. :)

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In the service of my Father

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