Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crazy Me (a just for fun post)

 I think I miss apply lessons Mom and Dad taught me...
It's always been ''be polite, and say excuse me, sorry, thank you, you're welcome, please...'' And I've gotten so used to saying those things, that I do it without thinking, such as...

 I was helping cousins bust plaster and lath from the walls of a house they were remodeling. 
 My cousin hit the wall with her hammer, and I wasn't expecting it, so I yelled "OUCH!" She jumped, and thought she had hit Me!
 Then later on that day I asked if I could run the hammer, and when I hit the wall, I said "I'm sorry!" to the WALL! :P

 Recently (last 4-5 years) I've been doing yard work in the neighborhood, and been towing my mower behind my bike with a dog leash... (sounds silly, but it works!) and on the way home from one of the jobs I had to go over a speed bump.  When the mowed jostled over the bump, without thinking, I said "Okay back there?" 

 Also, mowing, and I'm thinking about all sorts of things, and only paying attention to how straight my lines are, when I go between two trees... "Excuse me" and then I hope nobody heard it! :P 

 Helping Dad with his handyman last summer, I go between two trees, and say "Excuse me" (no mower running this time, so people can hear it)

 Throwing trash in the dumpster, it goes bang I say "Sorry!" 

 My phone rings while running the leaf blower, I turn to Dad "what did you say?" 

 Dads phone rings, I hear him talking, and answer him. :P 

 Running the leaf blower at a job cleaning leaves from rocks.  Dad is on his knees moving the rock around while I blow the stuff out.  I get a text, look down at my phone and his hat goes flying. O.o

 I'm mowing, Dad is following me to make sure I do the lines straight, and because his work is done and he's waiting for me; I don't know he's there; his phone rings, I jump and spin around all scared. :P 

 Riding in the car, thinking, and realize Dad has just finished talking to me, and I didn't hear a word of it.  Find out he's telling me what I'm to do at the next job. :P

Anybody else crazy like me?

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  1. yes totally crazy. I talk to computers, TV (the very rare times its on), drop something then call myself an idiot but never have I apologized to the wall for hitting it with a hammer! It sounds like you don't suffer from insanity you enjoy every minute of it thnough