Thursday, August 2, 2012

Real Love

 "This passion of the soul (if such it may be called), which has it's rise in virtue and it's aim the same, would be most unjustly degraded were it classed with what the herd generally entitle love. The love which men stigmatize, deride, and yet encourage, is a fancy, an infatuation, awakened by personal attractions, by - the lover knows not what, sometimes by gratified vanity, sometimes by idleness, and often by the most debasing propensities of human nature. Earthly it is, and unto earth it shall return! But love, true, heaven-born love, that pure affection which unites congenial spirits here, and with which the Creator will hereafter connect in one blessed fraternity the whole kindred of mankind, has but one cause - the universal fairness of it's object, - that bright perfection which speaks of unchangeableness and immortality, a something so excellent that the simple wish to partake it's essence in the union of affection, to facilitate and to share it's attainment of true and lasting happiness, invigorates our virtue and inspires our souls. These are the aims and joys of real love. It has nothing selfish; in every desire it soars above this earth; and anticipates, as the ultimatum of it's joy, the moment when it shall meet it's partner before the throne of God."

 ~ Jane Porter (Excerpt form Scottish Chiefs) 

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