Thursday, August 2, 2012

"Excavating" Blessings

Another 'lesson' from my day. ;) 

 I've been not only pruning a plum thicket, but trying to clean all the ''junk'' out of it. 

 The way I am with God, reminds me of the ''junk'' I'm ''excavating'' today. 

 I see stuff in my life, that I think is useless, that can't be used for anything; it's a piece of junk, and ought to be thrown out. 

 God sees, a tool that He can use to make something beautiful, or fun, or whatever He wants it to be. 

 So, while I'm sitting there saying ''God, throw that out, it's no good; and this can go it's useless ....... what are you doing with that junk? - the trash pile is over there... and you are carefully stacking it all, and - what on earth is that? ......... Oh Fun!'' 

 God takes the ''useless junk'' in my life, and makes something nice. :D 

 And my illustration for this, isn't exactly what could be called ''nice'', but God can make fun things too, He has a sense of humor like the rest of us. ;)

Posted on Google+ April 4th 2012

In the service of my Father

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