Thursday, August 29, 2013

Just Another Day

 Today has been an ordinary day... with some excitement thrown in. :)

 I've been in the garden all week, and don't know what's going on with anyone else.

 The garden was getting ahead of us there for a bit. Monday I started weeding at the west end, and have been heading east.

 Today's "patch" was fifteen, three foot by thirty foot rows.  Hoeing, raking, hilling, watering.... three huge popped blisters, two sore arms, and a sore back later... haha  I is sore. :P   But the garden looks marvelous now! .....up until the potato patch... that's tomorrow's job.

 Working on the garden... makes me think of God as the great gardener.  How He tends to the plants; sees they have enough water, enough dirt around the roots, no weeds choking them out.   How often do we "blister" Him with our stubbornness to let go of those "weeds" in our lives?

 Thinking about God that way made me feel guilty stopping for a rest... because He never does.  He tends His "garden" day and night. Never stopping. Never resting until it's just how He wants it.  So I didn't take any breaks (my back wishes I had...) and got quite a lot done.
 Stopping for the night, I feel bad because there is still half a garden left to deal with. But I'm thankful that God always completes His work in His time, even when I can't complete mine when I want to.

 As I was hoeing, thinking on these sort of things, I heard a tremendous crash... kind of an exploding pop... coming from the direction of the house.   The one the guys are jacking up to put on the basement.

 When I heard it, I was kind of rooted to the spot for a second, and two things went through my mind - The cribbing broke, and the house fell on the guys. And - Do I want to go and see what happened? I have to... but I don't want to have to tell mom about this...
 Went running over as fast as I could; which isn't very fast, had to cross the garden, go through the barn, across the yard, around the other barn and behind the basement before I could see anything of what had happened.

 When I got around there, my brother is standing there holding a shattered 4x6, his eyes are rather large, and Dad is looking at another shattered fragment. The house was still up. They were still under it... I couldn't figure out what had happened.    Then I saw the jack laying in the ground about five feet away from where they were using it.

 Apparently they were jacking the house, and one of the boards they were using to support the jack exploded. No warning. They didn't even hear it cracking.    The only "injury" was one of the other boards slid and hit my brother on the leg.  

 Somehow I think their guardian angles got a bit of a workout today... ;)  

 All in all, it was a good day. Not to warm. Got lots done in the garden (if it weren't visible, I still feel like I got a lot done. hehe) The guys got the house up another foot or so, and were safe after that mishap.

       God is good all the time!



  1. "Somehow I think their guardian angles got a bit of a workout today..."

    XD I'll bet they did. Glad y'all are safe.