Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Windows And Hot Dogs

 Okay, so as you can tell by the name, it's another crazy post of mine ;)

 So, this happened a few years ago.... a little too recent for me to list exactly when it happened ;) (also because I can't remember the exact time) :P

 Our family went to a friends bunkhouse to help clean it, and while we were there the church had Youth Night there at the bunkhouse.

 While trying to get the bunkhouse cleaned in time for the "kids" to come, my sister was washing to sliding glass door.... and she did her job all too well. :P

 While bustling about doing the last minute cleaning, and whatever else need done; my brother, and I think Dad...? were getting the fire pits ready outside for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

 Just as the cars our friends were in, were turning down the quarter mile drive way; my sister came running in from checking the fire pits, and didn't realize that the glass door was shut.... and slammed right into it.

 Now, they were all in their cars, coming down the drive way, and no doubt couldn't see her hit the window... but she was embarrassed just the same as if they had seen it.    And I laughed..... NEVER laugh at someone.... it will happen to you... only worse. :P

 Later that evening, I was part of about the largest group of youths, sitting around one of the fire pits, roasting hot dogs.  We had to go inside to get the buns and such to put the hot dogs on... which meant going through that blasted door.... :P 

 The pastor's son was just ahead of me going through the door, so I figured he would leave the door open.... well, I had to think again. :P haha

 I was talking to one of the pastor's oldest sons, and a few of the girls; when he (the son) said something to me as I was about to go through the door.  

 I also happened to be holding my hot dog on a stick in front of me as I walked... and when I turned to see what he was saying to me - I hit the door that the other son had just closed. :P  

 Now, when my sister hit it, it made a small thud noise..... but me? NO!  When I hit, it was a loud KABLAM!! 

 But, not only was it loud... I was talking to a group of people, who all happened to be looking at me at the time.  When they started laughing, Everyone had to look. :P  

 It really would have been funny hitting a window, while talking to several people, and making a loud noise..... if it hadn't been for the hot dog squished on my forehead; and the black greasy smudge left on the window. :P 

 That was super embarrassing for me at the time... but trying to be tough, and not cry over something so silly.... I stood up tall, and walked inside like nothing had happened.  (big mistake)

 Just as soon as I got inside, the pastor's son (the one who closed the door on me :P) seemed to have missed what had happened.... or at least pretended to. :P  And instantly pointed at my head and said "you have black grease on your head" 

 If ever there was a time when I wanted to crawl under a rock, it was then. :P 

 So, I think I effectively learned my lesson.... don't ever pretend nothing is wrong, when the whole world can see there is.  It just makes you look like a bigger fool :P 

   Anyway, I have a million and one more stories like that... but haven't the time to type them all up. :)  And y'all probably don't want to read any more like this. ;) 


                  Just for kicks and giggles. :) 

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