Sunday, December 23, 2012

Finished Baby Quilt

 This is the first block completed.  Everything but the bonnet, arm, and apron is satin stitched. :)
 This is the second block completed. Like the other, all but the bonnet, arm and apron are satin stitched. :)
 This one came third, and even the bonnet is satin stitched on this one. :) So, it took a little longer than the rest of them. :)
 This one was a puzzler, as I couldn't, for the life of me figure how to do the crazy french knots. :P haha
 Unlike some think.... those are both kittens, not dogs. ;)   The heart is added in by imagination. :)
 This is my favorite block, because of the colors, and she just looks gentle, and dainty as little girls should be. :)   The spots on the cat are added in by imagination. :)
 This one, you can't see very well... but the flowers on the dress are a different shade of pink from the rest of the dress. :)
 The wood grain on the trim work, and chair legs was all added in by imagination. :)
 This is the final block for the pillow. :)  The basket is satin stitched with different browns and all.... you just can't see it well in the picture. :P
  This is the front of the finished pillow. :)
 This is the back of the finished pillow. :)  It's a light lavender. :)
 The front of the finished quilt.  With lace added, the seams stitched over with hearts, the white squares tied, and the butterflies quilted on all the purple blocks. :)
 This is one of the butterflies; there is one on every purple block. :) (not the strips... just the blocks)
 Detail picture of the lace around the edge; the tie in the white blocks; and the heart stitching over the seams. :)
 The plain, white back. :)
 The corner of the plain, white back ;)

 So, here are the pictures for you all, because that's probably all most of you will get to see of it.

 All of the stitching was done by hand, excepting the hearts along the seams; that was done with a machine.

 I hand quilted around every one of the little girls, and hand stitched the butterflies.   All the quilting was done before I put the back piece on, so the back is just tied. :)

 After a year spent on this thing, it will be hard to part with it. :/  But the little girl it's going to is so sweet, and precious; and I trust her mother to teach her to care for it properly. :)  So, knowing her mother, this quilt should last for the next generation. :D

 Sorry it took so long to get the pictures up..... I had it almost done, then Mom and my sister kept suggesting other things to do on it.... such as the butterflies..... so, it took longer to finish than I thought. :P

 My sister drew the stencil for the butterflies..... (I could Never draw that good.)  :)

  So there you have it. :)

                  To God be the glory. :)  He's the one who made me able to do all of that. :D